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Sen. Dahm files bills to protect Second Amendment rights

OKLAHOMA CITY – Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, filed five bills on Tuesday to offer greater protection for the Second Amendment rights of the citizens of Oklahoma and push back on federal overreach.

“I believe that the Second Amendment is one of the most important, if not the most important provision in the Constitution,” Dahm said. “It’s our means of protecting every other right. Unfortunately, this means it is on the top of every tyrant’s hit list.”

Senate Bill 1330 amends Oklahoma’s anti-red flag law to nullify any federal attempt to enforce red flag laws on citizens of the State of Oklahoma.

“Red flag laws are a creative attempt to take an individual’s Second Amendment rights without due process,” Dahm said. “Two years ago, we were the first state to implement an anti-red flag law. My original bill would’ve prohibited any federal red flag law from being implemented in Oklahoma, but there are those in ‘leadership’ more concerned about losing federal funds than they are concerned about the feds infringing on our rights, so that provision was not allowed to go forward in the law we passed. It has become ever more obvious that we must oppose those federal infringements so this new bill would strengthen the law as we should have done before.”

SB1346 states that any personal firearm, accessory, or ammunition that is manufactured in Oklahoma and that remains exclusively within the borders of Oklahoma is not subject to federal law, taxation, regulation, or registration. SB1327 would prohibit federal regulation or registration of suppressors manufactured within the state of Oklahoma.

“The commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution has been grossly misconstrued by the Supreme Court,” Dahm said. “Their interpretation gives Congress the power to regulate anything you could possibly conceive being slightly related to interstate commerce. These bills attempt to push back on this federal overreach and declare that firearms, accessories, ammunition, and suppressors manufactured in this state for use in this state are not subject to congressional authority via commerce clause powers.”

SB1341 would prevent public money from being used in any way to advocate for gun control.

“Public funds should never be used to advocate for the restriction of God-given rights,” Dahm said. “This bill will ensure that doesn’t happen.”

SB1329 would allow any person in lawful possession of a valid handgun license to carry inside the state Capitol.

“Your right to protect yourself shouldn’t end at the statehouse door,” Dahm said. “If you have a lawfully obtained license and a legally owned firearm, you shouldn’t be disallowed from carrying it.”

SB 1327, SB 1330, and SB 1346 all relate to the delicate balance of power between the states and the federal government.

“The founders believed that well-armed citizens would never allow their rights to be taken away by a tyrannical central government,” Dahm said. “The current resident of the White House has nothing but disdain for that concept, joking that ‘you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons’ in order to stand up to the feds. These bills are evidence to the contrary.”


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