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Sen. Dahm files bills for Oklahoma to send funds and National Guard to help secure the border

OKLAHOMA CITY – As lawbreaking foreigners continue to pour across the open southern border, Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, filed two bills to help secure the border. 

“As the feds continue to leave the border wide open, either due to utter incompetence or done intentionally to cause disruption in our nation, it has become obvious we as the states will have to pick up where the feds have failed,” Dahm said. “With these bills, Oklahoma will be able to help secure the border and stop the massive influx of human trafficking, illicit activities, and illegal immigrants.”

Senate Bill 1228 would send CARES funds received by the state of Oklahoma to border states to help them build the wall along the southern border. 

“The federal government is spending billions of dollars to secure the borders of other countries while intentionally leaving our border wide open,” Dahm said. “The border states are willing to do the job being neglected by this rogue regime but they need additional resources from other states.”

Senate Bill 1231 would empower the governor to send Oklahoma National Guard members to border states in order to help them secure their portion of the southern border. 

“Several states have already sent their law enforcement personnel to help secure the border,” Dahm said. “This will clarify existing law to ensure the governor has additional authority to send members of the National Guard to those border states that need the support.”

Dahm said 2021 had some of the highest recorded border crossings ever. 

“Current estimates show record high numbers as millions of lawbreaking foreigners breach our southern border invading the various states,” Dahm said. “When I personally visited the border last summer I saw the crisis we are facing. I heard from sheriffs across the country that this isn’t just a border state issue, this impacts every state. That’s why I’m willing to stand up and use our state resources to stop this invasion, even if federal leadership keeps failing.”

For more information, contact Sen. Nathan Dahm at 405-521-5551 or email