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Republican Leader Refutes Recent Democrat Accusations that "Uncertain" Budget Figures Reduce the Need for Tax Relief

Republican Floor Leader Jim Dunlap, responding to recent comments from the Senate Appropriations Committee leadership stating that a slumping economy may eliminate the possibility for tax relief, reminded Senate leaders that the experts agree that tax relief fuels economic growth.

"There has been a lot of talk nationally about an economic slowdown looming on the horizon and how to keep the economy healthy," Dunlap said. "The common solution given by everyone from the President, to Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, to the Democrat leader of the U.S. House Dick Gephardt is to provide working citizens some form of relief from our burdensome tax system."

"Democrats want to do the things that will help America's families succeed. An important part of that is putting more money back in the people's pockets through a tax cutÂ… a tax cut that will strengthen our economy," Congressman Dick Gephardt from the web page of the Office of the House Democratic Leader.

While Dunlap concedes that leaders do not all agree on the type of tax relief necessary he believes the important issue is that they all agree that significant relief must be provided. "They're arguing over the form, but not the function. Everyone knows that tax relief jumpstarts the economy and fuels growth. I don't know why the Democrat leaders in our state believe this accepted premise somehow stops at our borders," Dunlap said.

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