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Report on Committee on Select Agencies Issued

Sen. Patrick Anderson, Chair of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Select Agencies, today announced the release of a report on the committee’s activities in the 2013 legislative session. Senate leadership this year reinstituted the committee, which had been dormant for many sessions.

“Our committee spent three months meeting with the 42 non-appropriated state agencies that Senate leadership asked us to review. I appreciate the time the agency employees, committee members and committee staff put into this project. It was certainly worth the time spent.

“I believe the committee members as a whole were impressed by how dedicated the agency employees are to serving the citizens of Oklahoma. These agencies do not receive appropriations from the state. Instead they operate primarily through the collection of membership fees, or fees for the services they provide.

“I believe it is important to note that even though these agencies do not receive any appropriations, most of them are statutorily required to pay ten percent of the fees they charge into the state’s general revenue fund. In 2012 alone, these agencies contributed over $17 million in general revenue,” said Anderson, R-Enid.

2013 Report on Committee on Select Agencies

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: Sen. Anderson: (405) 521-5630