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Legislation filed to create the Oklahoma Commission on Race and Equality

Sen. George Young, D-Oklahoma City, filed Senate Bill 1286, which would create the Oklahoma Commission on Race and Equality.

If passed, the commission would advise state agencies, communities, businesses and organizations that request help on equality issues relating to racial discrimination and bias. The commission would also monitor legislation and act as a resource for racial issues. 

SB 1286 also sets the framework for the commission, which would consist of 30 members appointed by the governor, President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Speaker of the House of Representatives and Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus. The membership of the commission would include a broad representation of the racial, ethnic and geographical areas of the state. Each member would serve a five-year term.

“Our citizens should never feel targeted or singled out because of their race or ethnic background,” Young said. “A race and equality commission would help state, community and business leaders gracefully handle any racial or ethnic discrimination and bias issues to create an inclusive environment for all Oklahomans.”

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Sen. George Young at 405-521-5531, or email