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Lawler Seeks Solutions to Rising Energy Costs

State Senator Daisy Lawler said she will work with Senate leaders to conduct an energy summit where stakeholders can share ideas at a state level on how to address the skyrocketing energy costs.

“I believe it is imperative that we expand refinery capacity here in Oklahoma,” Lawler said. “The energy summit will allow experts to come together and roll up their sleeves to help bring solutions to working families in Oklahoma.”

She also supports a three-month suspension of the state tax on gasoline and diesel fuel to help provide emergency relief for Oklahomans struggling to afford to put gas in their cars.

“For those who live paycheck to paycheck and those Oklahomans on a fixed income, these extremely high gas prices are devastating,” Lawler (D-Comanche) said. “These fuel prices weaken families’ ability to afford life saving medicine or even get to their jobs.”

Last session Lawler authored a resolution calling on President Bush and Congress to investigate the skyrocketing price of gasoline. She also supported a measure that provides incentives for energy exploration companies to drill new deep wells in search of new sources of natural gas.

“As a nation, we have to look at ways to help the United States become less dependent on foreign oil sources and that is why it is so very important to implement policies such as the one that passed the Oklahoma Legislature last year that gives energy companies an incentive to explore for more oil and gas right here in Oklahoma,” Lawler said. “I am confident the legislative action taken last session will increase the supply of domestic energy sources and encourage drilling activity in Stephens and Grady counties resulting in an increase in not only more jobs but also higher paying jobs for our citizens.”

Lawler said that high energy costs will shortly begin to have an adverse affect on Oklahoma’s economy if state and local leaders don’t do their part to give working families and small business owners the relief they so desperately need.

“Last week we saw the price of gas jump more than 40 cents a gallon in a matter of 48 hours, and that is absolutely devastating to small business owners and working families trying to make ends meet,” Lawler said. “That is why it is imperative that at a state level we do everything we can to help address these skyrocketing fuel costs.”

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