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House Inaction Could Lead To Diversion Of Fuel Taxes to Non-Transportation Uses

Senator Kenneth Corn Senator Kenneth Corn

State Senator Kenneth Corn questioned Friday why the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives refused to hear a measure that would allow Oklahoma voters to ensure that all motor fuels taxes used for highway and bridge maintenance.

“The Senate made it clear that we believe every cent of the taxes Oklahomans pay at the fuel pump should be reinvested in our state’s transportation infrastructure.,” Corn said. “It is beyond comprehension why the House wouldn’t want to give the voters the chance to ensure that their fuel tax dollars are being spent to make our highways safer.”

Senate Joint Resolution 58 calls for a statewide election to creates the Oklahoma Safe Roads Trust Fund and require that all motor fuels taxes are deposited in the fund. The measure passed the Senate by a vote of 44-0 but was never granted a hearing on the floor of the House. By not passing the measure by Thursday’s legislative deadline, House leaders killed the proposal.

“Apparently House leaders are willing to allow fuel tax revenue to be diverted to other non-transportation uses while Oklahoma families are continuing to drive on some of the worst roads and bridges in the nation.”

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