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Garvin bill to empower school boards to make school safety decisions

OKLAHOMA CITY – Legislation to give local school boards more leniency in deciding how best to protect their districts will be up for consideration before the Senate Education Committee this month. Senate Bill 1767 by Sen. Jessica Garvin, R-Duncan, would authorize district boards of education to establish qualifications for additional individuals to carry firearms on public and private school property, along with the currently allowed school personnel and others outlined in law.

“This bill is a top priority for me this session to increase the level of security on school campuses and at school events. Our schools know how best to protect their students and they need the freedom to determine who they want to entrust to carry out that important task,” Garvin said. “Paired with my Senate Bill 1254 to increase the penalties for individuals illegally carrying on campuses, we will be able to arm more law-abiding citizens to protect our students, while holding those with criminal intent responsible for their devious plans to harm Oklahoma’s children.”

Garvin worked with the Oklahoma Rifle Association (ORA) in drafting SB 1767. ORA President Mark Vaughan said his organization strongly supports the measure.

“Senator Garvin is committed to protecting our students and our schools. We know that the only way to combat bad people with bad intentions is through increasing security by putting firearms in the hands of responsible gun owners,” Vaughan said. “As the state’s only association who focuses solely on protecting the Second Amendment, we have been honored to provide her input on this bill and look forward to helping advocate for its passage.” 

Currently, only specific school personnel authorized by local school boards, along with law enforcement and others specifically outlined in law, can legally carry on school property. It is against both state and federal law for anyone else to carry a firearm on their person into a school facility even if an individual has a handgun license. Citizens with a valid handgun license may have a handgun in their locked vehicle on school property if it is stored and hidden from view when the vehicle is unattended. Weapons used for hunting may also be kept in a vehicle if properly displayed or stored as required by law if the driver is only transporting a student to and from school and the vehicle is not left unattended.

To read SB 1767, click here.


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