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Full Senate Approves Bill For Public Vote On Education Lottery

Sen. Monson urges Senate to pass HB 1278.

The full Senate has joined the House in approving a measure to let the public vote on Governor Brad Henrys education lottery proposal. Senator Angela Monson carried the measure in the upper chamber. She said the vote was consistent with others cast in the Senate over the past several years. There are many issues which are best decided by the voters and I believe this is one of them. Most importantly, were guaranteeing that if approved by the people, this will mean new money for education, explained Senator Monson, DOklahoma City. All existing funds would stay with education. Any additional funds generated by the lottery would mean new dollars for our schools and more opportunities for Oklahoma children to go to college, said Monson The measure included language aimed at making sure minors would not be able to participate in the lottery. It would be illegal for minors to purchase a ticket, or to be given a lottery ticket by an adult. The measure also includes language that would automatically end the lottery if a judge ruled it would open the window for Class III tribal gaming.
Senate President Pro Tempore Cal Hobson is the Senate author of the measure.
We feel like we have done what we set out to do in the Senate refine the bill so that we can send the best possible Education Lottery proposal to a vote of the people of Oklahoma, said Hobson, DLexington. The bill passed the Senate 2 to 9, with 3 Republicans joining 23 Democrats in voting to let the people decide the fate of the education lottery proposal. The bill now goes back the House of Representatives where members will be asked to accept Senate amendments.

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