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Enid Senator Blasts Obama Administration Plan to Create “New” Jobs by Converting Private Sector Jobs into Government Positions

Sen. Patrick Anderson Sen. Patrick Anderson

A plan to end private contracts for flight instruction at Vance Air Force Base and other training bases would end up costing taxpayers millions of dollars. State Sen. Patrick Anderson, R-Enid, said the Air Force’s proposal makes no sense.

“This is the kind of bureaucratic bungling that has destroyed the public’s trust in the federal government. Despite claims that this plan would save more than $480 million over five years, it will actually end up costing taxpayers another $27.5 million—and that’s based on the Air Force’s own numbers.

Anderson said U.S. Senators Tom Coburn and James Inhofe along with Congressman Frank Lucas have joined with him in speaking out against the plan to make the private sector instructor jobs government positions.

“The Obama Administration has directed that the private sector jobs be in-sourced and the individuals who are performing the jobs will then become government employees. You will have the same people doing the same work they are doing today – it will just cost the tax payers a whole lot more. The only rational conclusion you can draw from such a plan is that it is part of the Obama Administration’s attempt to create the illusion that their policies have created new jobs. Otherwise it makes absolutely no sense.”

Letter to the Secretary of the Air Force

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