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Dahm releases statement after passage of Save Women’s Sports Act

State Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, released the following statement after the passage of Senate Bill 2, also known as the Save Women’s Sports Act on Thursday. Dahm was a co-author of the measure.

“Finally, after almost a year of eligibility for a vote on the Senate floor, the Senate was allowed to vote on and pass Senate Bill 2, which will save women’s sports. The right time to protect our sisters, daughters, and granddaughters in their sports was last year, as soon as the bill was eligible for a vote. Unfortunately, it had to wait nearly a year to get passed and sent to the governor’s desk. 

“While we celebrate the passage of the Save Women’s Sports Act, we should also recognize the victory of Emma Weyant as the fastest female swimmer in the NCAA and the true winner of the women’s Division 1 500-yard freestyle race last week. To commemorate her achievement and help right the NCAA’s wrong decision to allow a biological male to compete in the race, I’ve filed Senate Resolution 32 to recognize and congratulate her as the true winner of the competition.”