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Crutchfield: “The Spin Stops Here”

Senator Johnnie Crutchfield Senator Johnnie Crutchfield
Democrats Govern Responsibly, Republicans Stump for Elections

“Republicans in the Senate are using fuzzy math to justify their vote against critical services upon which all Oklahomans depend like education, childhood immunizations, and rural fire protection.

“Senate Republicans proved today they don’t understand how to govern and are willing to turn their back on the children of Oklahoma in order to provide tax cuts that benefit the wealthiest among us the most.

“Senate Democrats would rather make investments that will create a brighter future for all Oklahomans because we understand that governing is more important than political grandstanding.

“In a year where Oklahoma’s economy is booming, it would be irresponsible to cut funding to programs that provide hot meals for our greatest generation and public safety measures that protect our children from child molesters.

“Republicans can continue focusing on the next election and using irresponsible fuzzy math to pass off a $650 million tax cut as a $191 million tax cut. But, Senate Democrats intend to make good on our promise to focus on the next generation.”

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