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Burns shares resources to help parents to better protect children from adult content

OKLAHOMA CITY – In an effort to combat the rising concern of adult content reaching Oklahoma children, Sen. George Burns, R-Pollard, has worked with local internet service providers (ISPs) to compile a list of resources for parents and guardians.

According to the Family Online Safety Institute, nearly half of all parents are concerned about their children encountering sexually suggestive content, bullying, or other inappropriate behavior online. The concern about this issue usually rises with age as children begin to access more content online.

“This is an issue that impacts not only Oklahoma parents, but parents all around the nation,” Burns said. “That’s why I wanted to reach out to local ISPs and see what can be done to help empower parents to ensure their children are accessing the internet safely, and in a manner appropriate with their age.”

Oklahoma Cyber Command has tips for keeping children safe online Online Safety and Cybersecurity Tips for K-12 Kids, Family, and Friends. The federal government has also put out multiple resources for parents, including the FTC’s OnGuardOnline, and the Department of Justice’s guide to keeping children safe online.

Many third-party applications also exist for blocking content that may be harmful to children and allow the parent to tighten or relax the parameters of the block. Apps like the National Online Safety Mobile App seek to educate parents in a convenient way.

Burns said he encourages parents to be proactive in defending their children from inappropriate content online.


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For more information, contact:  Sen. Burns: (405) 521-5614 or