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Burns Introduces Bill to Protect Landowners

OKLAHOMA CITY – Sen. George Burns, R-Pollard, has introduced Senate Bill 1704, aimed at protecting landowners' rights in cases of adverse possession. This bill provides that possession of land shall not establish title or rights adverse to the owner if the owner has paid all taxes during the adverse possession period.

“Landowners deserve clarity and protection in property disputes,” Burns said. “SB 1704 ensures that rightful landowners are not unfairly impacted by adverse possession claims.”

SB 1704, modeled after last session’s SB456, underwent minor adjustments for this year. Burns refiled the bill this year to address the concerns of landowners and promote fairness in property ownership disputes.

SB 1704 is available to be considered.


For more information, contact: Sen. Burns: (405) 521-5614 or