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Budget Agreement to Provide Fire Departments with Funding for Equipment

Oklahoma fire departments will be receiving much-needed funding for new equipment under a budget package recently approved by the Legislature.

Under the agreement, $2.5 million in funding will be deposited into a revolving fund established last year by the Legislature to provide fire departments throughout the state with money for new equipment. Sen. Jeff Rabon said providing departments with funding for critical equipment upgrades and repairs, has been a priority throughout the Legislative session.

“Our firefighters place themselves in danger to keep our families safe and I have always believed the Legislature must remain committed to supporting their efforts,” said Rabon, D-Hugo. “I’m proud to say that through this agreement, fire departments throughout Oklahoma will receive the funding necessary to keep them performing at their best.”

Rabon noted that with population increasing in many of Oklahoma’s rural areas, the Legislature must remain committed to providing funding needed by Oklahoma’s rural fire departments.

“At the height of last year’s battles with wildfires, we learned that many of our departments did not have the equipment they needed to handle certain emergency situations,” Rabon said. “In order to prevent situations like this in the future, we must remain resolute in providing for fire defense throughout the state.

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