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Boren statement on voting NO on Senate Bill 6

Sen. Mary Boren, D-Norman, released the following statement on SB 6 prohibiting the publishing of identifying information of a law enforcement officer with the intent to threaten, intimidate, harass, or stalk the individuals. The bill passed the Senate 39-8. 

“I voted against Senate Bill 6 because it raised significant constitutional issues while pursuing legitimate goals to protect law enforcement from unwarranted doxing.  Doxing should be discouraged because it treats all law enforcement equally culpable for the times when one officer deviates from their professional code of conduct.

“A large majority of voters in Senate District 16 strongly oppose the doxing of law enforcement and public servants.  This summer, there were instances of law enforcement doxing when their home addresses were posted publicly online, which was met with immediate and strong community-wide opposition. But this same community also supports the constitutionally protected responsibility to collect information when police misconduct occurs to assist the justice system in holding authority accountable.

“Given the constitutional vulnerability this bill encompasses, the legitimate goal of preventing doxing is also made vulnerable. Therefore, today I voted no and hope to assist the members of both chambers in crafting legislation that prevents doxing in a constitutional way.”


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