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Bills to Allow Disabled to Drive Golf Carts on Streets Still Awaiting Final Legislative Action

Two measures authorizing municipalities to allow disabled people to use golf carts on city streets are still awaiting final action by the House and Senate. The Senate author of one of those measures wanted to clarify the status of the bills after some newspapers and broadcasters reported that one had been signed into law.

Both House Bill 2367 and Senate Bill 1461 are still in conference committees. Each was written in response to the case of a disabled Claremore resident ticketed by local police for driving his golf cart on city streets.

Rep Tad Jones, R-Claremore, is principal author of HB 2367. Senate co-author, Randy Brogdon, R-Owasso, said they wanted the public to know that the measure is still working its way through the legislative process, but has not yet been sent to Gov. Brad Henry.

“I think there was some confusion because the bill that was signed, SB 884, contains language allowing cities to give golf carts access to specific intersections or railroad crossings, but it does not address the situation in Claremore,” Brogdon explained.

“It is obvious from the media coverage this week that there’s a lot of public interest in the bills, but we wanted to clarify that neither has been signed into law yet.”

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