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Bill recognizes life of unborn with detection of heartbeat and brainwaves

Just as doctors pronounce death when the heart stops beating and brainwaves are no longer detected, Sen. Paul Scott wants them to recognize life when they find fetal heartbeats and brainwaves. The Duncan Republican has filed Senate Bill 1859 to better protect the state’s unborn.

“As a State Senator and a conservative Christian, I am not doing my job if I do not uphold moral, Christian values as an elected leader in our state,” Scott said. “Oklahoma has state provisions over the practice of abortion but more must be done to hold physicians accountable and better protect the unborn.  This bill will stop doctors from performing abortions if fetal or embryonic heartbeat or brainwaves are detected and stop violators from being able to continue practicing medicine in Oklahoma. We must continue to fight for the innocent who can’t fight for themselves.”

SB 1859 would prohibit physicians from performing abortions starting at six weeks if a fetal or embryonic heartbeat or brainwaves are audible or detected.

Currently, physicians are only required to let the mother know at eight weeks if a heartbeat may be audible and ask if she wants to listen to it prior to giving final consent for the procedure.

Under SB 1859, the physician would be required to check at six weeks if a fetal or embryonic heartbeat or brainwaves are audible or detected.  If either are detected, the doctor could not perform the procedure.

Any doctor found in violation of SB 1859 would have their license immediately revoked and would not be able to obtain or renew their license to practice medicine in Oklahoma.

“As I travel around the district visiting with constituents, I’m hearing conversations about protecting our vulnerable and helpless infant victims,” Scott said. “I filed this important legislation to add a strict provision that must be in place to effectively protect the unborn and the sanctity of life.”

The bill was requested by Paul Abner, President of Oklahoma Faith Leaders.

“Oklahoma is a state serious about protecting those who are unable to protect themselves. The heartbeat and brainwave are signals of the presence of life, and Oklahomans want life to be protected," Abner said. “Our Governor has expressed a desire to sign meaningful pro-life legislation and we hope he follows through by signing this bill into law. I salute Senator Paul Scott for authoring this legislation that will save lives.”


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