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Bill providing tax incentive for firearm safety devices clears first hurdle

OKLAHOMA CITY – Sen. Jo Anna Dossett, D-Tulsa, has won committee approval for her bill incentivizing the use of firearm safety devices. Senate Bill 1476 would provide a state sales tax exemption to encourage more Oklahomans to take advantage of such equipment. The measure was approved by the Senate Finance Committee on Monday.

“When we held an interim study on this issue last fall, the Oklahoma Rifle Association and Everytown for Gun Safety each voiced support for the use of tax benefits to incentivize greater use of gun safety devices and storage,” Dossett said. “Most Oklahomans are responsible gun owners and many already use such devices. This tax exemption will encourage even more responsible gun owners to use them.”

Under SB 1476, a state sales tax exemption could be used for the purchase of firearm safety devices, including gun safes, cases, lock boxes, and trigger locks. Dossett noted that more than a dozen other states are already providing incentives for the use of safety devices, and others are considering similar legislation.

“The cost to the state will be $166,000, but when you compare that to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing gun deaths and injuries cost Oklahoma taxpayers more than $200 million a year, it’s clear this is a commonsense bill that promotes both public safety and sound fiscal policy. I’m grateful to the members of the Finance Committee for their support and look forward to advancing this important legislation.”


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