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Bill protecting deployed soldiers from legal action clears Senate

Sen. Frank Simpson Sen. Frank Simpson
Sen. Simpson says bill will protect veterans from legal action when they're deployed.

The Senate unanimously approved legislation Wednesday to protect the rights of veterans who are deployed. Senate Bill 466, by Sen. Frank Simpson, would not allow a soldier’s deployment time to be used against them in legal actions.

“There have been situations where deployed soldiers have been sued or their house foreclosed on, and the companies insist that action be taken within a certain time frame that the veterans are unable to meet because they’re not in the country,” said Simpson, R-Springer. “Soldiers who are deployed have no way of defending themselves in court when they’re fighting for their country. These types of legal cases need to be held off until the veteran returns home and has the ability to defend himself.”

Under the bill, legal action could also not be brought against the veteran’s heirs, executors, or administrators when the service person is deployed.

“Companies and other entities that bring these legal actions need to understand that these veterans are putting their lives on the line for their country. They don’t need the stress of worrying about losing their home or that their family is being harassed by companies for whatever reason,” said Simpson. “There is nothing so important that it can’t wait a few months until that soldier returns home. That’s all this bill is about is allowing veterans to be able to defend themselves in person without being legally or financially punished while deployed.”

SB 466 now moves to the House for further consideration.

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