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Meeting Notice


Select Committee on Redistricting

Subject Select Committee on Redistricting
From Date
Time 10:30am
Location Room 230


Committee will meet at 10:30 am or after adjournment of session.

  1. SB1X By Treat et al of the Senate

State Senate districts; modifying date for certain candidacy requirements; fixing senate district lines; repealer. Emergency.

  1. SB2X By Treat et al of the Senate

County commissioner candidates; deadline for registered voter and residency requirements based on redistricting. Emergency.

  1. SB4X By Treat et al of the Senate

Elections; modifying application of certain reapportioned districts to certain elections. Emergency.

  1. SB5X By Treat et al of the Senate

Elections; specifying deadline for certain voter registration for candidates filing for certain offices for 2022 elections. Emergency.

  1. SB6X By Floyd et al of the Senate

Congressional Redistricting Act of 2021; repealers. Emergency.

  1. Other business

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