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Meeting Notice



Subject Judiciary
From Date
Time 2:00pm
Location Room 4S.9


  1. SB901 By Jett of the Senate

Child custody; modifying requirements for certain presumption; requiring court to consider certain factors. Effective date.

  1. SB1211 By Thompson (Kristen) of the Senate and George of the House

Domestic abuse; modifying range of punishment for certain offense. Effective date.

  1. SB1236 By Weaver of the Senate

Crimes and punishments; adding strangulation to certain list of crimes. Effective date.

  1. SB1456 By Treat of the Senate

Workers' Compensation Court of Existing Claims; establishing Court of Existing Claims Division of the Court of Civil Appeals; transferring certain duties to Administrative Director of Courts. Effective date. Emergency.

  1. SB1470 By Treat of the Senate (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #3479)

Sentencing; creating the Oklahoma Survivors' Act; directing courts to consider certain mitigating factors in sentencing; establishing procedures for resentencing under certain circumstances. Effective date.

  1. SB1601 By Rosino of the Senate

Transfer of child custody; creating the Uniform Unregulated Child Custody Transfer Act. Effective date.

  1. SB1649 By Gollihare of the Senate

Attorney General; adding certain duties for Office of Attorney General. Emergency.

  1. SB1697 By Dahm of the Senate

Administrative Director of the Courts; requiring electronic submission of annual report to Legislature; requiring information of specified information in reports. Emergency.

  1. SB1706 By Gollihare of the Senate

Misdemeanor arrests; authorizing certain detention for reasonable period of time; requiring certain transport. Effective date.

  1. SB1736 By Weaver of the Senate

Oklahoma Open Meeting Act; modifying definition. Emergency.

  1. SB1783 By Howard of the Senate

Criminal procedure; authorizing use of certain treatment programs for pretrial release; authorizing order for electronic monitoring; requiring court to make certain determination for restoration of competence. Effective date.

  1. SB1933 By Floyd of the Senate

Sexual assault; creating the Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence (SAFE) Board under the Office of the Attorney General. Effective date.

  1. SB1951 By Floyd of the Senate and Miller of the House

Protection from Domestic Abuse Act; authorizing court to make certain determination; requiring request for approval to file certain action. Effective date.

  1. SB1997 By Murdock of the Senate and Newton of the House

Uniform Conservation Easement Act; requiring disclosure of certain easement to potential buyer. Effective date.

  1. Other business