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Meeting Notice



Subject Judiciary
From Date
Time 10:30am
Location Room 4S.9



1.             SB27 By Stanley of the Senate (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1873)

Emergency child placement; defining term. Effective date.


2.             SB44 By Hicks of the Senate

Criminal procedure; requiring dismissal of certain charges and warrant upon certain showing. Effective date.


3.             SB140 By Brooks of the Senate and Newton of the House

Sentencing; modifying the definition of offender as used in the Delayed Sentencing Program for Young Adults. Effective date.


4.             SB310 By Murdock et al of the Senate

Youthful offenders; prohibiting youthful offender status for person charged with certain crimes. Effective date.


5.             SB322 By Daniels of the Senate

Oklahoma Discovery Code; requiring inclusion of certain information in initial disclosures. Effective date.


6.             SB324 By Daniels of the Senate

Workers' compensation; modifying certain definition; clarifying applicability of Administrative Workers' Compensation Act; clarifying exception to exclusive remedy. Effective date.


7.             SB340 By Paxton of the Senate

Oklahoma Adoption Code; modifying eligibility to review certain home study reports. Effective date.


8.             SB383 By Standridge et al of the Senate

Censorship of social media; creating cause of action for censorship of certain speech. Effective date.


9.             SB458 By Daniels of the Senate and Kannady of the House

Governmental Tort Claims Act; establishing certain exemption from liability. Effective date.


10.          SB541 By Dahm of the Senate

Emergency management; prohibiting closing businesses; providing exception. Effective date. Emergency.


11.          SB546 By Jett of the Senate

Just compensation; prohibiting recovery of certain benefits as just compensation in condemnation proceedings. Effective date.


12.          SB554 By Newhouse of the Senate

Liens; increasing allowable fee for processing of certain notice. Effective date.


13.          SB634 By Daniels et al of the Senate and O'Donnell of the House (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1878)

School employee payroll deductions; requiring authorization for certain dues and political contributions. Effective date. Emergency.


14.          SB910 By Murdock of the Senate

Commissioners of the Land Office; modifying permissible location for public auction for sale of land. Effective date.


15.          SB951 By Daniels of the Senate (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1879)

Court fines and costs; modifying requirements and procedures for payment of court costs, fees and fines. Effective date.


16.          SB968 By Haste of the Senate and Dills of the House

Oklahoma Open Records Act; prohibiting disclosure of certain audio or video recordings. Effective date.


17.          SB980 By Weaver of the Senate

Security of Communications Act; adding offenses eligible for orders authorizing interception of certain communications. Effective date.


18.          SB984 By David of the Senate and O'Donnell of the House (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1875)

Legal representation; modifying requirements for contracting for certain legal representation. Effective date.


19.          SB994 By Dahm of the Senate

Eminent domain; granting certain rights to private property owners. Effective date.


20.          SB1019 By Dahm of the Senate

Censorship; prohibiting censorship activities by certain entities; providing for ineligibility for certain tax benefits. Effective date.


21.          SB1029 By Treat of the Senate (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1874)

Guardianship; authorizing court to issue certain findings of fact. Effective date.


22.          Other business

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