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Meeting Notice


Health and Human Services REVISED

Subject Health and Human Services REVISED
From Date
Time 9:30am
Location Room 535

9:30AM: IS #2022-06: Addressing and treating mental health challenges, including PTSD, in first responders and other public employees by Senator Daniels

  1. Opening Remarks: Senator Daniels
  1. Jessica Hawkins - Community Director, Healthy Minds Institute
  1. Josh Cantwell - Chief Operating Officer, Grand Lake Mental Health
  1. Jim Warring - Law Enforcement Engagement Director, Grand Lake Mental Health
  1. Tania Woods, LCSW - Mental Health Liaison, City of Moore
  1. Brett Key - Executive Director, Warriors Rest Foundation
  1. Dana Webb - Deputy Director, OMES
  1. Ross Naylor - Vice President, Oklahoma Public Employees Health & Welfare Health Plan
  1. Monica Coleman - Associate General Counsel & Director of Personnel Services, OMAG
  1. Janet Morrow - State Risk Management Director, General Counsel, OMES
  1. LaVeta Breath - Risk Manager, City of Oklahoma City
  1. Mike Bailey - City Manager, City of Bartlesville
  1. Tracy Rolls - Police Chief, City of Bartlesville; Board Member, Oklahoma Police Chiefs Association

12:30PM: IS #2022-13: Substance Abuse Treatment Options for Youth by Senator Garvin

  1. Opening Remarks: Sen. Garvin
  1. Our Story of Finding Placement: Julie Sanders - Oklahoma Parent
  1. Our Story of Finding Placement: Angela Kaus - Oklahoma Parent
  1. Slideshow Presentation: Brittne Thompson, LCSW - Bilingual Substance Abuse Therapist, Youth Services of Tulsa & Stephanie Morcom, BS, ARISE Interventionist Intern - Outreach Coordinator, Ambrosia Treatment Center; Founder, HopeFirst
  1. The Cycle of Mental Health and Substance Abuse: Abby Davis - Child Welfare Supervisor, Oklahoma DHS
  1. My Story in Treatment: Marissa Padilla - Oklahoma Teenager and Treatment Patient
  1. Q&A and Final Questions
  1. Other business

Senator Paul Rosino, Chair

Senator John Haste, Vice Chair


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