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Meeting Notice


Health and Human Services

Subject Health and Human Services
From Date
Time 10:30am
Location Room 535

IS #21-31:  Process validation and medical marijuana testing requirements by Senator Pederson and  Senator Rogers

1. David Vaillencourt – founder & CEO, GMP Collective; Chair, Facility Design Committee, National Cannabis Industry Association

2. Kevin Gallagher – Director of Compliance & Regulatory Affairs, Apothecary Farms & Apothecary Extracts; founder, Colorado Cannabis Manufacturers Association

3. Lee Rhoades – Laboratory Program Oversight Manager, State Department of Health; certified medical technologist

4. Charles Bogie, MD/PhD – co-founder, Integrity Testing Labs, LLC

5. Bryan Taylor – commercial cannabis cultivation consultant; former agricultural research & development professional

6. Wilbur (Nate) N. Gregory – owner, OKAF, Inc.

7. Other business

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