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Meeting Notice


General Government

Subject General Government
From Date
Time 1:30pm
Location Room 230



1.             SB487 By Dahm of the Senate (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1917)

State government; authorizing Governor, President Pro Tempore, and Speaker of the House to appoint or replace certain persons. Emergency.


2.             SB299 By Bergstrom of the Senate and Lepak of the House

Public buildings and public works; specifying authority to enter cooperative purchasing agreements. Effective date.


3.             SB569 By Newhouse of the Senate (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1771)

County clerks; permitting certified copies to be made in accordance with the Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act. Effective date.


4.             SB570 By Newhouse of the Senate

Public finance; state agency information systems; making certain provisions inapplicable to the Oklahoma Military Department. Effective date. Emergency.


5.             SB815 By Bullard of the Senate

County and municipal buildings; providing for display of motto. Effective date.


6.             SB257 By Coleman of the Senate and Hasenbeck of the House

Oklahoma Arts Council; authorizing Council to create endowment fund for certain purpose; providing for expenditures. Emergency.


7.             SB958 By Coleman of the Senate (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1836)

Fire protection districts; providing for the possession of a certification or license to operate an emergency medical services agency. Effective date.


8.             SB881 By Jett of the Senate (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1851)

State Fire Marshal Office; updating statutes regarding the powers and duties of the office. Effective date.


9.             SB489 By Taylor of the Senate

Improvement District Act; allowing hotels under certain conditions to opt out. Effective date.


10.          Other business

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