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Meeting Notice



Subject Education
From Date
Time 8:30am
Location Room 535


Joint Interim Study

Interim Study 2023-72: School Property Casualty Insurance Markets and Use of Interlocals (Rep. Baker)

Interim Study 2023-41: Insurance for School Property (Sen. Jech)

  1. Opening comments and introduction - Representative Baker and Senator Jech
  2. Overview of insurance - Insurance Commissioner Glen Mulready
  3. Independent insurance agent perspective - Denise Johnson, Independent Insurance Agents of Oklahoma
  4. Insights on school insurance regionally - Cody Allen, Southern Legislative Conference; Heather Morton, National Conference of State Legislatures; Stephen Pruitt, Southern Regional Education Board
  5. Oklahoma school insurance group perspective - Jennifer McKenzie, Oklahoma School Insurance Group
  6. Oklahoma superintendents' perspective - Tyler Bridges, Superintendent of Clinton Public Schools; Jason Simeroth, Superintendent of Yukon Public Schools; Tony Hancock, Superintendent of Caddo Kiowa Technology Center
  7. Questions
  8. Closing remarks - Representative Baker and Senator Jech
  9. Other business

Senator Adam Pugh, Chair

Senator Ally Seifried, Vice Chair