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Meeting Notice


Chamber Session

Subject Session in Senate Chamber
From Date
Time 1:30pm
Location Senate


Dr. Paula Guinnip, Tahlequah, Senator Pemberton



Dr. Kara Rodgers, Oklahoma City, Senator Rosino



1.     SB1323 By Garvin of the Senate and McEntire of the House

State Medicaid program; authorizing certain recognition of self-funded or self-insured health care plan; allowing participation in certain premium assistance program. Effective date. 

            SB1323 INT FI.doc


2.     SB1344 By Garvin of the Senate and Lawson of the House

Court-appointed special advocates; clarifying standards for education and background checks; removing fee requirement. Effective date.


3.     SB1726 By Leewright of the Senate and Hilbert of the House

Medical marijuana; modifying definition; removing exception from regulatory zoning laws; providing reference. Emergency.


4.     SB186 By Bullard et al of the Senate and Roberts (Sean) et al of the House

Firearms; modifying conditions for allowable carry for certain persons; providing certain exclusions; prohibiting certain carry for persons serving probation. Effective date.


5.     SB714 By Jech et al of the Senate and Newton et al of the House

Elections; absentee voting; modifying procedures for absentee ballots for certain electors. Emergency.


6.     SB984 By David of the Senate and ODonnell et al of the House

Legal representation; modifying requirements for contracting for certain legal representation. Effective date.


7.     SB743 By Weaver of the Senate and Moore of the House

Public retirement systems; Oklahoma Pension and Legislation Actuarial Analysis Act; definitions; disability benefit; disabled officers; permanent impairment guidelines; effective dates. 

            SB743 INT AO.docx


8.     SB269 By Coleman et al of the Senate and Strom of the House

Alcoholic beverages; authorizing certain social media exchanges. Effective date.


9.     SB338 By Paxton et al of the Senate and Hill of the House

Motor vehicles; modifying requirements for appointments to positions in the  Oklahoma Highway Patrol; restrictions; public office; participation in campaigns. Effective date. Emergency.                 

            SB338 INT FI.doc


10.  SB488 By Paxton of the Senate and Sims of the House

State government; creating the Office of Homeland Security within the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management. Effective date.

            SB488 INT FI.doc


11.  SB523 By Paxton et al of the Senate and Lepak et al of the House

Elections; prohibiting alteration or amendment of election procedures under certain circumstances. Emergency.


12.  SB1374 By Paxton of the Senate and May of the House

State Fire Marshal; expanding responsibilities of the State Fire Marshal; establishing procedure for appealing fines. Effective date.



13.  SB524 By Quinn of the Senate and Sneed of the House

Workers' compensation insurance; directing Insurance Commissioner to develop assigned risk plan providing workers' compensation insurance; repealing CompSource Mutual Insurance Company Act. Effective date.