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OK Senate On Deck

OK Senate On Deck: 2020 Session Recap

Senate President Pro Tem Greg Treat recaps the 2020 legislative session, highlighted by the COVID-19 quarantine. The pandemic posed serious challenges this year from a shortened session to a huge budget shortfall, and Senator Treat gives us his insight into how the Senate managed those obstacles. We also touch on what’s On Deck during the summer and fall in the Senate.

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OK Senate On Deck: Sen Greg Treat talks COLAs & Senate floor work

Pension reform and cost of living adjustments (COLAs) are a big topic this year in the Oklahoma Legislature, and in this episode of On Deck, Senator Treat tells us about a new COLA proposal making its way through the legislative process. The action in the Senate is focused on the floor as March 12 is the deadline for Senate bills to make it off the floor for them to remain alive this session. Senator Treat tells us what to expect this week on the Senate floor.

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OK Senate On Deck: Deadline week

Deadline week! This past week was the deadline for Senate bills to advance out of committee to continue in the legislative process. Senator Greg Treat walks us through that process and tells about a couple of his bills that made it out of committee this week. Senator Treat also tells about a very special moment this week as the Oklahoma Senate celebrated the 100th anniversary of the day Oklahoma became the 33rd state to ratify the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote.

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OK Budget Breakdown

Budget Breakdown, Ep. 23: "New Agriculture Investments"

The importance of #Agriculture in our state cannot be understated! In this week's #BudgetBreakdown video, Senator Roger Thompson explains all the latest investments that the legislature has made into Ag this fiscal year. #BudgetTalk #okleg #oksenategop

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Budget Breakdown, Ep 22: "New Mental Health Agency Investments"

This week Appropriations Chairman Senator Roger Thompson breaks down all the new investments that the legislature has made into the Mental Health & Substance Abuse state agency. Huge advancements being made in the area. Check it out! #oksenategop

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Budget Breakdown, Ep. 21: "New DPS Investments"

This week Senator Roger Thompson focuses on a few of the new investments the state has made into the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. Specifically, funding for new Trooper Academies, Communication upgrades, and gives a Real ID update!

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OK Senate Sit Down

Senate Sit Down, Ep. 18: "2019 Legislative Highlights: Agriculture"

Agriculture and Industrial Hemp are the main topics of discussion in the latest Senate Sit Down video! Senator Casey Murdock, Chairman of the Senate Ag & Wildlife Committee, joins us to explain all the top accomplishments that were made this year in his committee!

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OK Senate Sit Down, Ep. 17: "2019 Legislative Highlights: Education"

Senator Gary Stanislawski joins us for the latest OK Senate Sit Down episode to speak about all the top accomplishments made this year by the legislature for Oklahoma Education! In this video Senator Stanislawski talks about education funding and future innovations! Lots to be excited about in Oklahoma!

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OK Senate Sit Down, Ep. 16: "2019 Highlights: Veterans"

Senator Paul Rosino and Senator Frank Simpson join us this week on the latest OK Senate Sit Down to discuss the top Veteran related legislative accomplishments enacted this year!

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