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Statement from Senate Democratic Leader on new absentee voting restrictions

OKLAHOMA CITY – Senate Democratic Leader Kay Floyd, D-Oklahoma City, released the following statement Thursday on behalf of the Senate Democratic Caucus after the Senate passed SB 210, legislation to impose new requirements on absentee voting in Oklahoma:

“Today Senate Democrats stood up for Oklahomans’ ability to safely exercise their constitutional right to vote. We are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. No Oklahoman should have to risk their health and the health of their family members to vote in an election. SB 210 was rushed through the Legislature in response to an Oklahoma Supreme Court decision issued just this past Monday holding that Oklahoma voters’ signature on absentee ballot affidavits is sufficient to prove their identity.

“The bill also requires voters to submit a photocopy of required identification if they are unable to access a notary. This requirement is unduly burdensome on senior citizens, at risk individuals, and the many Oklahomans who cannot afford a computer, printer, or copier or may live rural areas lacking reliable internet access.

“Senate Democrats believe Oklahomans can be trusted to legitimately and fairly vote by mail. Voting is a fundamental right protected by the United States and Oklahoma Constitutions. Instead of creating new barriers to make the election process more burdensome, we should prioritize reforms to make voting more accessible.”


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