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Senator Scott completes bill filing for 2019 legislative session

Sen. Paul Scott Sen. Paul Scott

Thursday was the deadline for filing bills to be considered during the 2019 legislative session. Together, the legislature will consider just over 2,800 bills and joint resolutions. Sen. Paul Scott, R-Duncan, filed 21 bills and one joint resolution for the upcoming session. His final bills were filed Thursday afternoon.

“I’m often asked how I decide what legislation I will introduce to be heard during session. I get a majority of the ideas from the people of Senate District 43 and the others come from organizations and state agencies. For example, I often experience issues within my own profession that give me ideas on how to improve our medical services in Oklahoma,” said Scott. “If there’s an issue that you feel needs to be addressed in the legislature, please contact me. Good communication is a key element in running efficient state government that takes care of the needs of its citizens.”

SB 781 Private Courier Carry – addresses the problem of companies like Uber and Lift that have agreements banning their drivers from being allowed to carry a legal firearm in their private vehicle. This prohibition also applies to passengers. This bill provides clear language supporting the driver and a legal civil recourse for the illegal act. Uber and Lift are California companies trying to restrict gun rights in Oklahoma.

SB 893 reinstates an income tax deduction for fostering children. Individuals must foster a minimum of six months to be eligible for the deduction.

SB 891 creates a sales tax exemption for hearing aids. This was a request by the Silver Haired Legislature.

SB 896 Title 47 - County Improvements for Road and Bridges (CIRB) - increases the cap on revenue flowing to the CIRB Fund from $120 million to $150 million. This was a request bill from the Oklahoma County Commissioners. (Funding for county roads and bridges is not funded by ODOT.)

SB 955 creates the Radiologic Technologists Licensure Act. After January 1, 2021, anyone who is not a licensed practitioner as defined in Section 2 of this act who performs fluoroscopy, nuclear medicine technology, radiation therapy or radiography or other radiologic technology or radiation therapy procedures for medical diagnostic or therapeutic purposes as determined by the State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision, shall be licensed by the Board.

SB 968 creates a criminal liability for any state employee who creates or possesses appropriated public funds which are not reported to the Legislature, or that are not designed for a particular purpose by a federal grant or state statute. They will be charged with felony embezzlement and face up to a $500 fine, 1 to 20 years in prison and will be disqualified from ever holding public office.

All of Sen. Scott’s bills can be found on the Senate website at

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