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Senate votes to reinstate full sales tax exemption on vehicles, trailers

OKLAHOMA CITY – The full Senate on Tuesday evening voted in favor of a measure to reinstate the full sales tax exemption on motor vehicles and trailers.  In 2017, faced with declining revenues due to downturns in the energy industry, the Legislature voted to remove 1.25 percent of that exemption. 

Senate Majority Leader Kim David presented SB 593 on the floor.

“When we originally removed part of the exemption in 2017, it was always our intention that as soon as we could, we would restore the full amount,” said David, R-Porter.  “We know this has been a hardship for many Oklahomans, and with this vote, we are keeping the promise we made to our citizens.”

Senate Appropriations Chair Roger Thompson, R-Okemah, is principal author of the measure.

“As we work to promote Oklahoma’s economic recovery in the wake of the pandemic, this bill fully restores the sales tax exemption, helping Oklahomans better afford these large purchases,” Thompson said.  “This was an important vote on behalf of the citizens of Oklahoma.  Promises made, promises kept.”

The measure now moves to the House of Representatives for further consideration.  Majority Leader Jon Echols, R-Oklahoma City, is the principal House author of SB 593.

For more information, contact:

Sen. Kim David, 405-521-5590, or email
Sen. Roger Thompson, 405-521-5588 or email


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