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Senate Majority Leader Compares, Contrasts Democrats and Republicans on Public Safety Issues

Sen. Todd Lamb Sen. Todd Lamb

Senate Majority Floor Leader Todd Lamb (R-Edmond) pointed to a fellow Senator’s call for the abolishment of the Death Penalty in Oklahoma as clear evidence of one major difference between the two parties when it comes to public safety.

“The difference between Republicans and Democrats couldn’t be more stark on public safety issues, given the suggestion today by a Democrat State Senator that the state of Oklahoma abolish the death penalty,”
Lamb said. “We see this severest of penalties as a real deterrent to capitol crimes in our state, and those on the other side of the aisle would prefer to weaken our laws and not hold these violent criminals responsible for their actions.”

“I can assure the citizens of Oklahoma that as long as we control the majority in the legislature, wild ideas like this will not become law,” Lamb continued. “The foremost job of your elected officials is to ensure the safety of all citizens, and we will not relinquish that role to those who would prefer to coddle criminals.”

Senator Lamb brings impeccable credentials to the debate on public safety. A former United States Secret Service Agent, Lamb also served on the national Joint Terrorism Task Force, and, after the terrorists’ attacks, he was assigned to portions of the 9-11 investigation.

“I also want to reassure law enforcement officers who stand in the line-of-duty that Senate Republicans are ready to support them as well,” Lamb concluded.

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