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Pro Tem Comments On Equalization Board Estimate

"I don't know all the details yet, but it sounds like the board made a good decision. If Attorney General Edmondson felt the most responsible course of action was to increase the budget certification, I trust his judgment and the judgment of those who voted in favor of the motion. I'm sure they take their responsibility as board members very seriously, and would only act in the most fiscally prudent manner.

Overall, I think the fact that there is additional growth revenue is great news for Oklahoma. Our economy is growing even faster than the experts predicted it would, and that means more jobs, more opportunity and more prosperity for all. The news from the equalization board confirms that Oklahoma's economic policies are on the right track.

It seems that sometimes people are skeptical when we preach the success story of the Oklahoma economy, but these numbers confirm all of the good things we've been saying about our state and its people.

It's probably too early to say specifically what we'll do with the additional revenue, but we will be reassessing our budget priorities &endash;education, transportation, economic development and public safety&endash; and putting the resources where they'll do the most good for Oklahoma. I hope Governor Keating uses the funding to shore up the weakest parts of his budget, namely higher education and vo-tech. "