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Lawler Passes Legislation Creating Illegal Immigration Task Force

Sen. Lawler says SR 125 will create a task force to study illegal immigration and possible legislation.

Sen. Daisy Lawler said she was pleased that the full Senate had approved her measure creating a task force on Oklahoma illegal immigration issues. Senate Resolution 125 was approved by the Senate on Friday.

“Creating a task force will give us ample time to examine the many complexities of the issues surrounding illegal immigration,” said Lawler, D-Comanche. “Oklahoma has a rich history and tradition of welcoming people from many lands and we don’t want that to change, but we must realize the issue of illegal immigration presents a host of problems for our state and strains our resources.”

The resolution calls for the President Pro Tempore of the Senate to appoint an 11 member task force that will hold hearings on illegal immigration.

“This has been a tremendous concern in my own district and throughout Oklahoma. People are worried about the burden that illegal immigration places on our schools, health care and many, many other services that are already strained,” Lawler said. “This task force will give us an opportunity to bring everyone to the table to determine the exact nature and scope of those concerns, and how we as legislators can best address them.”

According to SR 125, the task force will have until November 30, 2006 to submit a report of its findings and suggested legislation to the President Pro Tempore.

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