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Lamb Authors Resolution to Oppose Federal Cap and Trade Proposals

Sen. Todd Lamb Sen. Todd Lamb

Last week the Senate approved Senate Concurrent Resolution 41, by Majority Floor Leader Todd Lamb, which opposes federal cap and trade proposals that could be detrimental to Oklahoma’s economic growth.

The federal government currently has proposals intended to control pollution by offering economic incentives for reducing emissions—this practice is more often known as cap and trade. SCR 41 by Senator Lamb recognizes the danger of these proposals that would result in significantly higher production costs for many of our state businesses, especially Oklahoma’s two principal industries: agriculture and oil and gas.

Lamb cited how President Obama’s proposals would directly affect Oklahoma families and the cost to taxpayers.

“Not only will Oklahoma industries be affected by cap and trade, but also the pocketbooks of Oklahoma families,” said Lamb, R-Edmond. “With President Obama’s plan, Oklahoma taxpayers could see a tax increase of nearly $3,300 per family. Through this resolution, my fellow Senate colleagues and I are standing together saying enough is enough.”

SCR 41 states that such cap and trade proposals from the federal government would not only be detrimental and costly to the United States’ agricultural system, but also threaten our nation’s energy security and move our national energy policy away from clean burning, domestically produced natural gas.

“Throughout the years, Oklahoma has excelled in the agriculture and energy sectors,” Lamb continued. “These industries represent not only growth and success for Oklahoma, but jobs and security for Oklahoma families. The resolution we approved last week stands in defense of Oklahoma’s economy and workforce in light of the liberal push to further regulate taxpayer dollars.”

Senate Concurrent 41 now heads to the House of Representatives.

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