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Governor signs bill designating the historic Jefferson Highway

The governor has given final approval to Senate Bill 8, which will officially designate the route that largely follows State Highway 69 as the “Historic Jefferson Highway Route,” named after former President Thomas Jefferson. The measure was authored by Sen. Micheal Bergstrom, R-Adair.

The Jefferson Highway is the oldest highway to pass through Oklahoma, spanning from the Kansas to Texas borders. Nationally, the Jefferson Highway was one of the earliest in the country, completed nearly a decade before Route 66. Originally established in 1915, the route cut through the heart of the Louisiana Purchase Territory and covered 2,300 miles from Winnipeg, Canada to New Orleans.

The entire historic route, including the portion cutting through the state, has recently been reidentified by the reformed Jefferson Highway Association organization.

“Designating Highway 69 as the ‘Historic Jefferson Highway Route’ will be a big boost to tourism in our state,” Bergstrom said. “History buffs across the nation will drive far and near to take a ride on the Jefferson Route, and now Oklahoma will welcome them with open arms. I’m excited for the economic boost this roadway will bring to our mom-and-pop restaurants, local shops, gas stations, hotels and more. I appreciate my colleagues for their support of this measure and the governor for signing it into law.”

Under the bill, any costs associated with official signage may be provided by private sources, and permanent markers will be designed in consultation with the Jefferson Highway Association.

Rep. Avery Frix, R-Muskogee, carried the measure in the House.

“I’m excited to see Senate Bill 8 signed into law,” Frix said. “This highway has been a big tourist attraction recently, and we’re hoping with the designation of this artery as the Historic Jefferson Highway this will be something similar to what has been done with Historic Route 66.”

The measure will go into effect on Nov. 1 of this year.