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Bill to protect unborn heads to full Senate

In an effort to protect Oklahoma’s unborn, Sen. Paul Scott has authored Senate Bill 1859, which passed out of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee Monday afternoon.  The bill would require doctors to recognize life just as they do death through heartbeats and brainwaves or the lack of such activity.

“Oklahoma is a strong pro-life state, but we can do more to protect innocent lives. This is a simple, uniform way to medically determine when life begins while holding physicians accountable for recognizing that fact,” Scott said. “Physicians take an oath to protect life, and any found in violation of this law would not be able to practice medicine in Oklahoma.”
Beginning at six weeks, SB 1859 would prohibit doctors from performing abortions if a fetal or embryonic heartbeat or brainwaves are audible or detected.  Doctors are now required at eight weeks to tell a mother if a heartbeat can be heard and give her the opportunity to listen to it before moving forward with the procedure.

The licenses of physicians who violate the bill would be immediately revoked and could never be renewed in Oklahoma.

“I appreciate the committee’s support of this important bill and look forward to the bill moving on to the Senate Floor,” Scott said.


For more information, contact: Sen. Scott: (405) 521-5522 or

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Sen. Scott: (405) 521-5522 or