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Meeting Notice



Subject Rules
From Date
Time 9:00am
Location Room 535



1.             SB209 By Young of the Senate and Virgin of the House

Legislation; requiring preparation of racial impact statement for certain legislation. Effective date.


2.             SB253 By Rader of the Senate and CrosswhiteHader of the House

Candidate filing for elective office; adding information to be included on declaration of candidacy form. Effective date.


3.             SB347 By Paxton of the Senate

Elections; prohibiting scheduling of regular or special election by certain entities for specified time period. Emergency.


4.             SB578 By Floyd of the Senate and Munson of the House

Civil procedure; clarifying requirements for certain statement. Effective date.


5.             SB635 By Murdock of the Senate

Commissioners of the Land Office; requiring appointment of Secretary to be subject to advice and consent of Senate. Effective date. Emergency.


6.             SB728 By Paxton of the Senate (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1900)

County districts; modifying date for completion of reapportionment for counties.  Emergency.


7.             SB913 By Daniels of the Senate (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1881)

Administrative rules; modifying procedures for approval and disapproval. Effective date.


8.             SB940 By Treat of the Senate

Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency; archiving information. Emergency.


9.             SB947 By Rosino of the Senate and West (Tammy) of the House

Initiative and referendum; requiring ballot title to contain notice of fiscal impact. Effective date.


10.          SB959 By Paxton of the Senate

Vacancies in office; modifying procedures for filling certain vacancies. Effective date.


11.          SB962 By Treat et al of the Senate (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1880)

School district elections; modifying permissible dates for certain elections. Effective date.


12.          SJR23 By Standridge of the Senate

Joint resolution; Convention of States under Article V; proposing amendments to U.S. Constitution. Directing transmission.


13.          Other business

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