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Meeting Notice



Subject Finance
From Date
Time 2:00pm
Location Room 535



1.              SB431 By Thompson of the Senate and Boatman of the House

Oklahoma Quality Events Incentive Act; modifying term; requiring submission of economic impact study. Emergency.


2.              SB461 By Daniels of the Senate

Sales and use tax; authorizing vendor deduction of sales and use tax due for certain expenses. Effective date.


3.              SB463 By Hall of the Senate and Kannady of the House (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1906)

Motor license agents; requiring cause for removal. Effective date.


4.              SB499 By Coleman of the Senate

Alcoholic beverages; specifying procedure for listing tax on sales receipt; providing exception. Effective date.


5.              SB587 By Howard et al of the Senate

Oklahoma Community Economic Development Pooled Finance Act; modifying definitions. Effective date.


6.              SB595 By Rader of the Senate and Pfeiffer of the House (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1843)

Oklahoma Tax Commission; authorizing Commission to contract with agencies for the collection of funds. Effective date.


7.              SB598 By Rader of the Senate (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1894)

Uniform tax procedure; authorizing garnishment of certain earnings and property. Effective date.


8.              SB751 By Dahm of the Senate

Public finance; repealing section relating to State Government Technology Applications Review Board. Effective date.


9.              SB870 By Rader of the Senate and Pfeiffer of the House

State Auditor and Inspector; deleting certain duties of the Oklahoma Tax Commission; modifying type and frequency of required audit. Effective date.


10.           SB941 By Jett of the Senate

Income tax; expanding certain credit for aerospace employees to include space industries. Effective date.


11.           Other business

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